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After sending the application our manager will contact you on the specified contacts and answer all questions


– preliminary application of the goods is carried out by phone or through the order form on the site.

– confirmation of the order and coordination of the cost of the rental (hire) services is carried out on the basis of the estimate, which indicates the cost of each type of service separately (the amount of rent, the amount of delivery and other additional services), as well as the total amount for all selected services.

– all changes and adjustments regarding the assortment and quantity, time and method of delivery are made no later than in 24 hours.

– after the final approval of the estimate, date and other technical issues, the Rental Service and the Lessee (the Customer) or their authorized persons sign the Property Lease Agreement.

– prepayment by the Lessee takes place in accordance with the terms of the signed contract.


– the rental fee is approved by the Rental Service Administration.

– The minimum rental period is 1 day.

– when renting for less than a day, the customer is charged for the full day of hire.

– information on the cost of rent is provided in the rental directory on the site www.rentalservice.com.ua

– payment for rental services is made at a rate of 100% of the rent when receiving the goods.

-when the Tenant provides a guarantee letter and a passport of a Ukrainian citizen of the responsible person *, Rental Service does not take a pledge in the amount of the full cost of the leased equipment.

– delivery of equipment is paid separately, loading and unloading of transport is included in the cost of delivery.

– a simple transport due to the Lessee’s fault is paid separately.


– reception and delivery of inventory is made by the Customer (responsible person) and the representative of the Lessor.

– the inventory is returned and returned in proper technical condition and suitable for further use.

– in case of return of an incomplete quantity of the goods (due to battle, spoilage, loss, etc.), the Tenant is obliged to pay 100% of the value of the absent leased property within three calendar days.

– The customer is obliged to hand over the property transferred in short-term rent in its pure form and in its packaging (tare), otherwise Rental Service reserves the right not to take the property back and consider the subsequent time until the return of the leased property in the proper form, rolled metal.

– when the unwashed dishes are handed over, the Tenant additionally pays 10 UAH for every 10 units of utensils or bar glass and 5 UAH for 10 units of cutlery.

– The lessee is obliged to keep all packaging and packaging from the property transferred for short-term rent (if any), otherwise, the Lessee will be charged a fine of 40 UAH for a cardboard box (box, box) and 200 UAH for a plastic box.


– for placing the goods in the reserve ** The customer must make an advance payment of 50% of the total rental value of equipment (inventory).

– after prepayment the Rental Service Administration guarantees the availability of equipment in the warehouse for a specific time and date.

– Check of rolling equipment and inventory is made at delivery of the goods in the presence of the Customer (the responsible person) and the representative of Rental Service.

– after the signing of the Goods Receipt-Transfer Certificate, claims for the quantity and quality of the rental equipment on the part of the Customer (responsible person) are not accepted.

– after signing the Act of Acceptance, the Lessee bears full material and legal responsibility for the safety and integrity of the property transferred for short-term rent.

* – the person taking the inventory from the side of the Tenant and financially responsible for the rolling stock.

** – fixing the necessary list of equipment (inventory) for the Tenant for a certain time and date.